zondag 20 november 2011

My Flavourites

Today I visited Flavourites Live! in Amsterdam. A webshopevent with 150 different webshops! These are my f(l)avourites:

1&2. Knuffels a la carte (awesome webshop!): from now on you can snuggle with celebrities like Karl Lagerfeld & Sonia Rykiel! Brand: My name is Simone.
3. Ali Lamu bags via destrandhanddoek.nl
4. Beautiful ceramics from Normann Copenhagen via Mikkili
5. Jurianne Matter via Mikkili
7. How fun are these mugs! Via Designfabrix
9. Cute! Clock Bamboo Owl via De Sprookjeskamer
10. Beautiful & Unique jewelry (forgot the designer, shame on me!)

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