dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Heimtextil Colour Trends 2012/2013

Four inspiring trend themes are published officially by Heimtextil! Now we can find out about the latest colour, material and pattern developments in the field of home and household textiles... I especially like the "Split Clarity" theme.

"‘Split Clarity’: the bare essentials

Less is more – ‘Split Clarity’ concentrates on simple, functional and essential elements. In other words, the focus is on sustainability, quality, high technology and new materials. The result is clear-cut, modern aesthetics. Clarity is reflected by a series of colours inspired by nature. The minimalistic and restrained compositions are generally interrupted by a single expressive shade.

Material versatility is crucial. Metallic and reflecting surfaces, semi-plain patterns and transparent materials are used, as are animated but restrained surfaces.

Linear, high-contrast and severe graphic designs set unequivocal accents. Depth is created by the interaction of light and shadow in different materials and surfaces.

I found this information on the website http://www.europaregina.eu/. This is a very useful website if you like to know more about trends!

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