maandag 12 maart 2012

Catwalk Shopping: In Full Bloom

Feel like celebrating spring? Bring flowers into your home... Lots of them!! Don't hold back & mix them all up. It takes a little bit of guts to go all the way with all of these bright colors but with this palette a joyful & happy feeling is guaranteed!

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  1. Valérie { Atelier rue verte }12 maart 2012 21:02

    Bonjour ,
    Je m'appelle Valérie , je suis française et je suis votre blog depuis quelque temps . J'aime beaucoup vos billets. J'aime également beaucoup vos photos notamment tout vos thèmes fluo (neon). Je voulais savoir si cela vous embêterait pas si je vous empruntais quelques photos pour insérer sur mon blog.

    My name is Valérie, I am French and I am your blog for some time. I like very much your bills(tickets). I also like very much your photos in particular quite your fluorescent themes (neon ). I wanted to know if it would annoy you not so I borrowed you some photos to insert on my blog. I leave you the link if you wish to see it
    I thank you beforehand. Good evening! Valérie
    Je vous laisse le lien si vous désirez le voir
    Je vous remercie d'avance. Bonne soirée !

    1. Bonjour Valerie,

      too bad I don't speak French, I think it's a beautiful language!
      Thanks for your kind comment and yes you can share my pictures on your blog as long as you link back to my blog :)
      I love your blog as well & I am now following!

      X Marij

  2. Loving both of these spring round-ups!x


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