zondag 4 maart 2012


Yesterday I visited an exhibition of 5 artists including my mother ("Marjanne Beeuwkes")! The Gallery is called "Galerie Rudolfv" & is located in the centre of Amsterdam. It is the second time for my mom to exhibit in this particular gallery & again we were very proud!! Last year she sold her work within one hour! For this series called "Facebox" she used a lot of matchboxes as you can see which I think give a great effect! The big piece she sold yesterday so off course that's a reason to celebrate!

The other 4 artist were also very impressive but one in particular caught my attention. The photographer "Grzegorz Rogala" showed these moving pictures. He uses multiple layers which create a 3D-effect (when you move the pictures move & change as well). Very cool!

1 opmerking:

  1. Love your Mum's pictures.
    You should be proud, they are great!
    Have a nice day!


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