maandag 30 juli 2012

Fashionista Update!

I want to share some new things I did for Fashionista... I'm so happy this opportunity came my way, jeej!! I made this still in the theme "Around the world". For the pillow cases I used transfer paper (another easy peasy DIY!). Wouldn't it be nice to keep all your travel memories in all kinds of frames so you'll never forget what a great time you've had?!

I also did this Aztec bag DIY, it was so much fun to make this bag! The Aztec trend is still going strong & this would be a nice festival or picnic bag wouldn't it?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. amazing!!! loooooove the bag!!!! ;)

  2. Heel gaaf! De foto`s van de vorige post zijn ook stoer!!!

  3. Nice blog ! And I love the bag :)

  4. I LOVE THE BAG. I saw it in weheartit and I had to track it down! I'm glad I found it. You should sell bohemian rucksacks! You should :) xx

  5. For you


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