zaterdag 20 oktober 2012


I love being away but I also really love being home! It's the best when your home feels warm & cosy when it's raining outside... And it's the best of the best when it's christmas! Are you looking forward to christmas? I know I am...
I also wanted to (finally) show you my re-dyed rug! It's been a hell of a job! I used a LOT of bleach & washed it over and over again in our tub... The house smelled like bleach for weeks! I was hoping for a totally white bleached rug but it turned out a little yellow. I decided to dye it with black Dylon paint & then washed it (over and over again!). This is the result, it's not what I had in mind but actually I like it! What do you think?
Have a great weekend & thanks for all the sweet comments!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. So beautiful!!! Heart them all :)

  2. Looks interesting and unique. Can imagine it must have been hard work...wet carpets are not easy to handle!


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