maandag 31 oktober 2011

The Ultimate Autumn Feeling!

This weekend, me & my family in law took a little trip to a small dutch village called Holten. On our way back we drove through the beautiful forests and took some time to enjoy the spectacular views & colors... It was the ultimate autumn feeling!!

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Owl you need is Robin & Mould!

Soooo Cute!!! I spotted this adorable owl a while ago but didn't know who the designers were or which brand it was... Now I know :) Robin & Mould are the designers behind these supercute prints! I want (at least) one.... Click here to visit their Etsy shop & click here to go to their blog, enjoy!

maandag 24 oktober 2011

The White House

Take a look at the home of Tine Kjeldsen, owner and designer of the brand Tine K Home.
It makes me wanna re-decorate all over again!! All the white, wood & earthy colors, I love it!
The last two pictures are from the website of Tine K Home, which is also worth to take a look at...

zondag 23 oktober 2011

Do It Yourself

Today I finally finished the pillow case I wanted to make for a while...
I didn't use my sowing machine for quite a long time so my patience was tested ;)
You can upload your own design on & they print it on the fabric that you choose (there are 5 qualities you can choose from) & within a few weeks you have your own fabric!
Can't wait to finish my next one...

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


Beautiful, these products by Pawling! Great clean prints... The art of simplicity!!
"Pawling Print Studio is a collaboration between sisters Trisha and Janet Snyder. Based in Washington, DC and New York, the studio focuses on environmentally responsible production and clean, understated design.
We have backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and graphic design. We are former dancers, self-proclaimed bag ladies, and lovers of scarfs, tacos, and lists."

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

You are my salvation...

The Australian actress Jane Hall always had a passion for interior design & decorating.
She decided to start her own business & created "Salvation Jane Home". I think it's very cute & I love her styling!!

"I believe the best interiors reflect the people who live within them, that labels aren’t important, and that the power of colour should never be underestimated. With an emphasis on using what is at hand, and a passion for colour, Salvation Jane is on a mission to make homes lovelier…and it’s often easier than you think!"

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Tiles by Made a Mano

How wonderful and insanely beautiful are these tiles of Made a Mano...

The tiles are printed by hand and it shows! It's a shame I can't afford them because they would look great in my (future) kitchen!!

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