zaterdag 26 september 2015

Create a graphic artwork with the Flexa colours of 2016!

The Meet The Blogger Conference in Amsterdam is coming up! Next weekend will be about inspiration, cool workshops, interesting speakers & off course a lot of catching up with fellow bloggers! I'm very exited because I'm hosting a workshop in collaboration with Flexa! During this workshop I will show you how to make a graphic artwork in 45 minutes with the new Flexa colours of 2016.

Flexa is presenting the new colour palettes of 2016 and the Colour Of The Year: Ochre Gold. Such a beautiful and warm colour! I had the privilege to already work with a selection of these new colours to create some graphic artworks as an inspiration for this workshop. I made three colour palettes, each of them including Ochre Gold. With these three palettes I made three graphic artworks. I used tape in 2 different widths & created a line pattern on a canvas. After that it's just a matter of filling up the pattern with your favorite colours! As you can see the Colour Of The Year, Ochre Gold, is a beautiful warm & earthly colour that combines easily with the other colours. 

If you want to give it a try yourself & you're visiting the Meet The Blogger Conference in Amsterdam on the 3rd & 4th of October you can subscribe to the workshop by clicking here! Hope to see you there!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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  1. Hei Marij! I am attending the Meet The Blogger's Conference and guess what? I have indeed signed up for your workshop!
    I love this sneak peek you've given us, I'm really looking forward to it!
    I think the first artwork might be my favourite, although I don't think I will EVER be able to recreate something similar, I'm so undisciplined when it comes to taping things straight..
    Could you please tell me the size of the artwork we are going to create (so that I know if it will fit in my hand luggage)?
    Many thanks, I hope to congratulate you in person for your beautiful blog at the conference!

    1. Hi Ines, that is great, happy to have you in my workshop! I'm sure you will make a beautiful artwork! The size of the canvas will be 40x50 cm! I hope you can bring your artwork home & otherwise we will figure something out! See you this Saturday!

  2. Hoi Marij, wat een prachtige nieuwe kleuren heeft Flexa uitgebracht! Normaal ben ik niet zo van de geeltinten maar deze goud oker vind ik erg mooi :-) Je kunstwerken vind ik trouwens ook super, leuke workshop :-)
    Groetjes Marloes

    1. Bedankt Marloes! Ze zijn inderdaad prachtig de nieuwe kleuren, het goud oker is echt een warme kleur!

  3. Ze zijn prachtig Marij. Het is erg moeilijk om met een grafisch patroon een goede balans injebeeld te krijgen maar dat doe je goed! Succes met de workshop, ik denk dat hij érg leuk gaat worden.

  4. W À U W wat super gaaf. Wat een mooie kleuren en geweldige kunstwerken. Jammer dat ik er niet bij ben volgende week, maar dit ga ik zeker eens proberen!

  5. BEAUTIFUL colour schemes. So inspiring <3

    Jodie |


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