woensdag 30 december 2015

Bye bye 2015!

The end of 2015 is very close so it's time to look back at some of my favourite moments of this year! It really has been a good year full of creativity, nice collaborations and great events. I have a lot of reasons to be thankful! It also has been a busy year and I have a feeling that 2016 will be pretty busy as well... But I'm ready to work hard, follow my dreams and have some fun while doing it! I hope 2015 was a great year for you as well! If you have had some setbacks, I hope you have family and friends to fall back on and cheer you up. I like to think that a new year comes with a clean slate and with a positive attitude, you can achieve anything!

These are some of my favourite moments of 2015...


It was great to collaborate with a brand like Flexa. At the Meet The Blogger event, I had the opportunity to host a Flexa workhop which was so much fun! Later on I used the Colour Of The Year "Ochre Gold" in our bedroom and I'm still in love with it.


This year, Christmas came early for me because in August we did a Christmas shoot for Mollie Makes magazine at our home. It was pretty difficult to get a real Christmas tree at that time of the year but in the end it worked out and I was a little sad when it had to go back to the owner once we were done shooting! The pictures were made by Henny van Belkom.


I'm very happy that vtwonen decided to work with bloggers more and more because we can do some great things together! In August, the "vtwonen loves blogs" magazine came out where I was featured in together with a group of inspiring bloggers. We were all invited for a lovely lunch at the vtwonen headquarters to celebrate our collaboration. Since November, I'm also blogging weekly for vtwonen about my love for greens!


In 2015 there were a lot of great events that I went to and met up with fellow bloggers. This is always very inspiring but more important, a lot of fun! It's great to meat up with people that have the same interests & eye for detail (and don't bother me taking pictures of everything because we all do it!!). The event that stuck with me the most was the lovely "Snor Festival". The location was amazing, the weather was good, the people were nice, food was delicious and we got to see Anki & Casper from Zilverblauw launch their book "Shoot!"


I love traveling (who doesn't?) and a great plus of my job at Costes is that I get to travel to amazing places on a regular basis! The best trip of 2015 definitely was New York City... I love the atmosphere and the people. You can feel at home very easily here because this city makes you feel very welcome! This place, Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs, is where we had breakfast a couple of times, isn't it cute?

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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