zondag 13 maart 2016

A splash of Palm Green!

Last week I decided to give our guestroom / my workspace an update. When we moved into our home, we used a lot of simple white wallpaper on the walls upstairs. Now there's almost nothing left of the wallpaper, I rather paint my walls white or give them a nice splash of colour! For this room I had a dark green in mind. I thought it would go well with the plants & furniture in that room because I used a lot of mint, light blue, green and grey. On the website of Flexa, I looked at all the options in dark green and teal. I chose the colour "100% Palmboom". To paint the complete wall in this colour could be a little too much so I decided to make a graphic shape on the wall and paint it in the palm green colour. 

I wanted to combine the palm green with another fresh colour, only couldn't decide which colour would go well with it... A great way to decide which colour to use for your walls are the Flexa Creations Testers. You can buy them at the construction market for less than two Euro's and you can choose from 35 different colours. I decided to test out the colours "Stylish Pink", "Fresh Linen" and "Early Dew". The testers are really easy to use because there's a mini roller integrated into the tester so you can use it directly onto your walls or you could use them on a piece of paper. I used them on my wall right next to the palm green so I would get a good impression of the colours in daylight and artificial light.

After testing the three colours on my wall I eliminated the "Stylish Pink". I do like the combination of pink and green but in this room it wouldn't be great. When I looked at the furniture and accessories in this room I decided to go for the "Fresh Linen". There's already a lot going on in this room and with the colour "Early Dew" there would be too much different shades of green. So I got myself a can of the Fresh Linen and painted the rest of the wall with it. As you can see this colour is very close to white but it's just a tat more greyish and I think it's very fresh with the Palm Green!

This was also a great moment to hang my new String Plex Pocket that I got at the Imm Cologne tour, such a generous gift! This is a new version with wall panels of clear perspex which gives it an original and modern twist. I love my new wall and the Palm Green got me thinking of a nice tropical wallpaper, maybe, somewhere? We'll see!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

18 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, mooi gedaan Marij! Grappig, ik ga ook voor een donkergroene muur....Deze kleur is ook prachtig en heel mooi in combi met Fresh Linen....

  2. Mooi!
    Ik heb ook het e.e.a. getest op onze woonkamer muur en ik ga met Sweet Desire aan de slag.
    Fijne week!


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