dinsdag 26 januari 2016

Imm Cologne 2016

This Saturday I got up early to meet up with a small group of fellow bloggers to travel to Cologne & visit the fair "Imm Cologne". We were invited by Thonet to visit their stand & hear all about the history of this iconic brand. A range of new designs were also presented at the Thonet stand like the "Bentwood Table 1060", their in and outdoor collection "Thonet All Seasons" and the "Lounge Programme 860". The collections show that Thonet is a classic design brand that will never get out of style!

I had a great and inspiring day, thanks Thonet for inviting us!

After our tour on the Thonet stand we took a little walk to Design Post which was very close to the fair. Design Post is a showroom open for design fanatics and professionals (like architects and retailers), with international interior design brands who show their latest collections. As you can see we were surrounded by beautiful designs, shapes and colours...

Back to the fair we payed a visit to String (what's not to like?!) and again it was very nice to learn more about the story of this brand. The stand was beautiful with a lot of black and white. As you know I'm a big fan of colour but I can certainly appreciate a dose of black and white from time to time! I was also very impressed by the "String Works" collection with an adjustable desk which is perfect for a flexible work environment!

After admiring the String collection, we had some time to wander around the fair on our own. I made a selection of my favourite images so take a look!

Beautiful, deep & soft tones at Menu:

Loved these shades of red, rust brown and orange together at Muuto:

Cutest clock ever by the Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard:

"Das Haus" designed by Sebastian Herkner:

"Guest of Honour Sebastian Herkner is designing a round, transparent version of "Das Haus" for the international interiors show imm cologne that is open on all sides. It is circular, more or less transparent and has almost no solid wall elements. Nonetheless, Sebastian Herkner's house promises to be a sensual experience – a house that is soft and aromatic, colourful and communicative, and which is able to change its form like a chameleon."

Artek for Vitra:

This brand I wasn't yet familiar with but I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of the Danish brand "Woud":

How amazing are these marbled tables by Snedker Studio?! After years of experimenting, Pernille  Snedker Hansen has developed a technique to create these beautiful marbled patterns on wood and paper. Here you can read more about the process: http://www.snedkerstudio.dk/process

Again dark, deep tones and rusty shades at &Tradition:

Something different at Petite Friture! Cool styling, materials, colours and prints at this original brand from France.

Fresh colours and shapes at Harto from Paris:

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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