zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Today's Crush: Webshop Rockett St George

I just discovered this awesome webshop called "Rockett St George"! They have a mixture of cool & unique stuff, some affordable, some not so affordable (at least for me ;)) These are a couple of my personal favorites... I haven't seen these "Justin and Glenn Lamont" Full Moon chair & Spun Milking stools before but how I would love to have one!! Anyway, a lot of great stuff on there so take a visit to Rockett St George & get greedy!

donderdag 29 maart 2012

Delicious Memo's!!

These fruity memo's are from the Japanese brand "D-BROS"! I just think they are the greatest, who wouldn't want these on their desk?! Although I would have a hard time writing on them, they are too beautiful! Great design...


dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Today's Crush: Weekday Carnival

Recently I discovered this fantastic blog called "Weekday Carnival" via another great blog called "Dot Dot Dash"! I really love my new discovery!! Beautiful & inspiring pictures...
Riikka Kantinkoski is a photographer & designer from Finland. She started her own label "RK Design" with awesome posters, jewelry, pillow covers & more! If you don't already know this blog, you should definitely take a look!!

zondag 18 maart 2012

Attic Shots Part 3: Keen on Green

Finally here it is! I finished my "Keen on Green" project! I've been collecting a lot of green stuff & as I was telling you earlier I'm totally in LOVE with this color right now :) Surprisingly enough I already have a lot of green things but when you all put it together it has a much bigger effect. I also visited our local thrift shop (off course) & robbed my parents from all the green I could find in their lovely home! I totally love the combination of green with lime & vintage blue (by Flexa). Doesn't it make you feel like spring with all the flowers? I hope it does!

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Sneak Peak

I'm currently working on a new theme with a lot of greens... I'm so in love with green right now! But then again I think I'm falling in love with every color theme I'm working with at that particular moment ;) So here's a sneak peak of what's coming! Thank you so much for reading my blog & leaving such nice comments!! It's really appreciated... 

Today I received a little package from "psikhouvanjou" with these bright masking tapes (the cute postcard is also from psikhouvanjou which I ordered earlier). The owner of this fun webshop always writes a little note to you when you order something, so sweet! You should take a look!

maandag 12 maart 2012

Catwalk Shopping: In Full Bloom

Feel like celebrating spring? Bring flowers into your home... Lots of them!! Don't hold back & mix them all up. It takes a little bit of guts to go all the way with all of these bright colors but with this palette a joyful & happy feeling is guaranteed!

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Catwalk Shopping: Summer Pastels

There were a lot of pastels on the catwalk this season, especially Phillip Lim showed us a pretty sweet collection... Loving it!! You can easily re-decorate with a couple of these pastel shoppings & make your home catwalk proof! It would be nice if you already have a light & neutral base. Let the summer begin!!

zondag 4 maart 2012


Yesterday I visited an exhibition of 5 artists including my mother ("Marjanne Beeuwkes")! The Gallery is called "Galerie Rudolfv" & is located in the centre of Amsterdam. It is the second time for my mom to exhibit in this particular gallery & again we were very proud!! Last year she sold her work within one hour! For this series called "Facebox" she used a lot of matchboxes as you can see which I think give a great effect! The big piece she sold yesterday so off course that's a reason to celebrate!

The other 4 artist were also very impressive but one in particular caught my attention. The photographer "Grzegorz Rogala" showed these moving pictures. He uses multiple layers which create a 3D-effect (when you move the pictures move & change as well). Very cool!

donderdag 1 maart 2012

Today's Crush: Colorful Danish Home

Today I found this colorful Danish home on "Bolig". I love it!! It makes me feel like spring! It's very fresh with all the whites & brights... I can imagine feeling happy in this home all the time!

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