dinsdag 15 april 2014

DIY Easter

This Sunday I got into the Easter mood & bought myself some fresh white eggs. They're already beautiful in their purest form with their matt white shell. For this Easter DIY I used some random stuff I collected at home like masking tape, some rope, a doily and some spray paint. I was positively surprised by the result! 

I'll be traveling to Marrakech this Thursday so I will be spending my Easter weekend in this beautiful city with friends, I can't wait!! Of course I'll share with you my experiences later on. I wish you all a lovely Easter!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! So beautiful!!
    Happy Marrakech trip ;-)

  2. Supermooi Marij! Goed bedacht, lekker simpel en een mooie kleurenpalet!

  3. Wat leuk!!! Ipv DIY zou ik graag zo'n mooi mandje op de stoep zien staan.. :D :D #hoekomjijerweerop!! X

  4. Turned out great! :) Love the one with the lace pattern.
    Happy Easter and enjoy colorful Marrakech trip :)

  5. you have been nominated for the leibster award on my blog. follow the link
    Great blog! :)


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