dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Our week at Le Petit Pauliat

This week our holiday ended and we both went back to work & our daily life. Luckily, two weeks ago we had an unexpected chance to stay in France for a week. It was such a gift! We packed our bags and drove to this small village called Treignat in the middle of France. 

We stayed at the lovely Le Petit Pauliat, a beautiful accommodation owned by the Dutch Sjoerd & Felicia who started their adventure in 2007 together with their children. The farm (which had been empty for 30 years) is completely renovated by the skillful couple. It must have been a lot of work but the result is impressive! We stayed at one of the Gites and we had a great time. Sjoerd & Felicia were very hospitable and organized a couple of nice dinners for all the visitors of Le Petit Pauliat. They even took care of our order at the bakery every morning! 

It was a fun week with the highlight of visiting two thrift shops on the last day. We drove home completely recharged and with a couple of beautiful souvenirs in our trunk!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

For more info go to www.pauliat.com

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