donderdag 22 januari 2015

Today's Crush: The home of Suzy & Shane

Today I'm getting inspired by the vibrant home of graphic designers Suzy Tuxen and Shane Loorham. These two creatives are based in Melbourne and made their home an extension of their personalities & work. After practicing design for many years, Suzy started her own business "A Friend of Mine". Shane is the design director at "Liquorice" together with his team he builds brands through design, strategy & technology. 

Suzy & Shane invested in beautiful design pieces and combined them with retro vintage, bright colours, graphics and self-made art. I just love their unique, modern & fresh style!

Source: Design Sponge

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very pretty, I like that their home is not the same cookie cutter home we see so often. Love the desk area. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mooi combinatie van stijlen, helemaal mijn ding :)

  3. Een beetje eclectisch maar nog steeds echt stijlvol, ik vind het heel leuk. Vooral die wanddecoraties! Bv, die 3d structuren - wat zijn ze?


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