zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Today's Crush: The Home of Alice and Lucy Oehr

Today is a good day! Weekend started and our holiday started, yay!! On this happy note I want to share with you a home that I love. It's the home of graphic designer Alice Oehr and her sister Lucy based in Melbourne, Australia. These girls had the opportunity to rent his place from their parents but there was a lot of work to be done! You can see the complete process of the renovation on their blog "The Park Street Project". I must say they did an amazing job, what a supercute home! I'm in love with all the quirky details such as the figurings, the posters, art, patterns but most of all I love that Cockatoo lamp!! I like interiors like this, one big eclectic mix of different styles. Unique in it's own way!

Pictures via The Design Files

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