dinsdag 17 november 2015

Miniplants for Vtwonen

Last week I wrote a blog for Vtwonen about miniplants. I think they're just too cute and they're fun for styling as well. A little pop of green can easily make a shelf or cabinet light up! I would like to share with you these three styling ideas for miniplants. 

As you can see I collected some of my favourite vintage teacups to use as tiny flowerpots. I have a big collection of teacups but I don't use them very often to actually drink tea or coffee with. So I thought this was a nice moment to use them in a different way!

This drawer Evert & I found on the fleamarket in Lille a while ago. The seller told us that this drawer originally was used in a workshop for little tools. I painted it in a mint green and I'm now using it for my crafting supplies like brushes, tapes, stamps, ink and much more. I made some space for these plants to show you that little drawers are a nice spot for succulents & cacti as well!

To create a minigarden I used a group of miniplants and placed them together in a flowerpot. I think it's nice to see al these different colours, shapes and structures together. There are lots of ways to use miniplants in your interior, I hope I've inspired you with these tips! For the original (Dutch) article click here!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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