zondag 20 oktober 2013

A Happy Home

Don't you just love those lazy Sundays? I'm having one right now... Just changing some stuff around at home and making pictures. Our guest room is still pretty colourful but I'm now liking the green and red combination. I bought the hanging planter at Ikea & the "Grass is Greener" poster I got from Flow magazine. I'm still so happy with the lovely Tas-ka pillow case my parents gave me for my birthday! The Babushka dolls are thrifted by my mother. The owl pillow case I bought at Urban Outfitters a while ago and the other pillow cases I made from thrifted fabrics. The Trash Me lamp by &Tradition you can get here.

I wish you all a happy & relaxing Sunday! Oh and don't forget, you can still join the Give Away hosted by Joost Janszen here!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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  1. Hi nice pictures,great NYC hope to go there soon with my family. I'm going to follow you blog. Maybe you can visit my blog to. hetraadhuis1890.blogspot. Have a nice sunday.
    Kisses Kirsten


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