zaterdag 25 april 2015

Hotspots: Broei Utrecht

If you've read a couple of my latest Hotspots posts, you'l probably understand why I'm such a fan of the Oosterkade & Westerkade in Utrecht. Across Koffie Leute, which I wrote about here, you'll find Broei, a creative place where you can enjoy coffee, food, books & art! Every Sunday you can join gamenight with your friends where you can even bring your own favourite game!

Another thing which I think is really cool is their "Wall of Frame". An exhibition wall where you can find and buy the work of several talented artists like illustrators, photographers & graphic designers. How nice to pick out your favourite artwork while you're enjoying a cup of good coffee or a nice lunch! You can find a lot more creative & original events on the agenda of Broei like workshops, concerts and "La Table Longue" where all the tables are pushed together and you can enjoy dinner with the other guests.

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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