woensdag 29 april 2015

Today's Crush: the home of Leah Bartholomew

Via The Design Files I came across the draw dropping home of designer Leah Bartholomew in Australia. Leah is working as a freelance graphic designer & also has her own homewares label "Beneath the Sun"! This playful collection consists of pillow cases, ceramics, art prints, postcards, hanging pots and more (I want it!). 

I absolutely love this fresh & colourful home which is surrounded by nature and breathes summer! Because this is a rental and the place was for sale, Leah had to move out a while ago but luckily she's moving back in soon! 

Pictures via The Design Files

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wow... it's one of the most beautiful homes I've seen. i'll post it on my blog. how can i resist? hug to you Marij

  2. Je hebt niets te veel gezegd op instagram. Het is inderdaad om jaloers op te worden.
    Fijn weekend!


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