zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

Meet the Blogger Conference in Amsterdam

Hi there! This morning I came back from a inspiration trip to New York for my work as a designer at Costes. Traveling is one of the many advantages of my job, we get to see so many great places and this time it was NYC! I'll share some pictures I took (while shopping) with you later this week! As you may know, last weekend I attended the Meet the Blogger Conference in Amsterdam and although one week has already flew by, I still want to share with you my impression of this event!

It was the second time for me to attend the MTB Conference and it was extra special for me because I got to work with the Meet the Blogger team and Flexa! Earlier I wrote about the workshop I was giving to make a  graphic artwork with the Flexa colours of 2016. 

The conference was filled with cool workshops, inspiring presentations & sessions! The highlight was that I got to see the girls from A Beautiful Mess. They told us all about their journey and they had many great tips and sweet, positive advice. I also attended the sessions of Urban Jungle Bloggers "Igor" and "Judith" and as always they were very inspiring and fun to see! Yvonne from Yvestown told her story as well and damn this girl is funny! Interesting to see how she creates her own little world with her very recognizable signature style!

Monique van der Vlist of Happymakersblog was also present with her creative team to give several workshops like making your own gift labels & making your own papercut. I think Monique did a great job decorating the space!

Luckily I also had time to attend a workshop as well! Create an Instagram proof flower arrangement was given by Nathalie Fase and Holly Marder. You can see the result of my bouquet on my Instagram account!

On Saturday it was my turn to entertain about 20 lovely bloggers and to help them create the graphic artwork in 45 minutes! I was a little nervous but everyone was so excited to get started that my nerves where gone in a second! Everyone did a great job and interpreted the concept in their own way which was so cool to see! At the end we placed all the artworks on a big exhibition board for everyone to see. I was very happy with the way this workshop turned out!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

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  1. Het zijn echt prachtige kunstwerken geworden en wat een prachtige Flexa kleuren!


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