zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

DDW Part 1: Design Academy Graduation Show

Yesterday I visited the Dutch Design Week together with a team of very nice bloggers. We first met at the Bloggerscafe which is created by Lonneke from Bubbelmint! It's a lot of fun to meet and talk to people who have the same interests!

Suzanne from &Suus was head of the team and gave us some good tips where to go and what to see. It was impossible to see everything in one day so we had to make a choice between the different districts. A couple of us decided to start at the Design Academy to see the graduation show. There was so much to see, all kinds of creative designs and projects created by design students who put their heart & soul into these projects...

This is a selection of the designs that caught my eye:

1. Revealing Beauty by Katja van Heugten
2. Size by Maartje Slijpen
3. The Technologist vs the Layman by Saar Scheerlings
4. Cool Shelter by Franciska Meijers
5. Wovet, Wood Weavings by Martina Lasinger
6. An Invitation from Home by Debby Yu
7 & 8. Dark Matter by Joel Booy
9. Fervent Carpet by Siem Lenders & Anne Pabon

Pictures by Marij Hessel

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooie foto's Marij! De Gradiation Show was echt geweldig om te zien! X Margreet

  2. Wauw wat een gave foto's Marij! Superleuk dat je erbij was! x

  3. Prachtige foto's zeg... Wat zul je genoten hebben van deze mooie ontwerpen en alles er om heen! Ik geniet heerlijk met je mee... x

  4. Wat een super mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Wow, echt prachtig. Leuk om bij iedereen weer iets anders terug te zien. Het was leuk je te leren kennen!


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