maandag 27 oktober 2014

DDW Part 2

After visiting the graduation show at the Design Academy Eindhoven, we took a Mini Design Ride to Strijp S where we started at Liekeland. This amazing illustrator (I'm a big fan!) presented her work in a super cute mobile shed, decorated in her own unique style which I love! Lieke told us she's working on her own ceramics collection, I can't wait... Outside the shed there was Magnus the mountain goat, a character from one of her latest illustrations!

After this we went to the always inspiring Piet Hein Eek area. There's so much to see in the showroom and it's very impressive to see the massive workspace through the big windows. What I like about Piet Hein Eek is that his designs are statement peaces, grand gestures, they just demand your attention!

There were a couple of other brands represented at the Piet Hein Eek area as well. The beautiful lamp collection called Bolt by Tonone is an industrial series inspired by the passion for traditional mechanics. Key element in this series is the joint construction that can be adjusted with a wignut-shaped tool. The collection is available in black and white.

I really loved the Fossil porcelain tile collection designed by Kasia Zareba with a hand drawn pattern inspired by the prehistoric imprints of plants and animals on rock formations. Read and see more about this collection here.

The way that Lotty Lindeman & Wouter Scheublin had presented their collection was very subtle yet impressive. The pastels and greyish colors really complimented the designs. On the picture you can see their well known Tentlamp

The collection of bags on the brick wall is the work of Imke de Jong. Functionality was just as important to her as the design itself while developing these bags that are made out of enduring materials. 

Another designer who made a huge impact was Steven Banken. This collection called Tannic Acid is the result of a chemical reaction between oak and iron oxide. This combination creates a dark blue or almost black color.

While we were on our way back (time was flying!) to the DDW Bloggerscafe at Coffeelovers, we stopped by at the mini festival Open Up where you could eat, drink, shop, take a workshop or lecture and visit an exposition. Unfortunately we were a little bit in a hurry but we did spot these beautiful Vederlicht candles by Kaarsrecht. At Kaarsrecht you can order custom made candles and take a workshop as well!

We also stopped by the Karwei stand at the Ketelhuisplein. The concept was very interesting and creative! All of the furniture at this booth were made out of one wooden board. Every piece of furniture had its own manual to take home and make one of these designs for yourself!

There's so much I wish I had seen at the Dutch Design Week but didn't have the time for... Next year I'll definitely take more time to see as much as possible! This day gave me so much inspiration, can you imagine what it will do to me when I see twice as much?!


Pictures by Marij Hessel

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi overzichtje! De illustraties van Liekeland vind ik ook super!

  2. Mooi blog Marij, foto's en tekst. Ik vind ook dat al die designers gewoon tekst verdienen :)

    Zie je vast weer snel. Misschien toch maar eens carpoolen, jij blijft ook altijd tot het laatste :)

  3. Wat een fijn verslag. Ik ben ook geweest en heb lang niet alles gezien. Binnenkort zal ik mijn plaatjes ook posten.


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