donderdag 19 februari 2015

A Happy Home

We made a couple of changes at home so I thought it was time for a couple of Happy Home snapshots! I found a big round wicker rug on Marktplaats (my latest addiction) which is now in our living room. I was a little scared for the rug to be ripped to pieces by our cats but so far it's still in one piece! Upstairs we made a few changes as well. We gave our "dressing room" a make-over by removing the wallpaper & painting the walls. We sold our Ikea closet & replaced it with two vintage pieces! The rug I found online at Urban Outfitters. We are very happy with our new dressing room since we spend quite some time in there, especially in the morning getting ready...

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Pictures by Marij Hessel

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi, erg leuk, die combinatie van drie tafeltjes / krukjes in plaats van 1 grote salontafel

  2. When I looking at photos of your house I can feel Spring. You made really lovely, bright and powerful space!
    P. S. Question about big cactus in dressing room. How it is working with cats? I want to buy this plant and put it on a floor, but my cats are hunting on everything what is green and grows in a pot:)

  3. hi Marij - your home is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Where do you get your cushions from? The cushions in your living room in particular are so pretty!

  4. Beautiful home! I adore the mint green magazine rack in the second to last photo. Where did you find it? x


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